Why It Matters: Podcasting in Front of a Live Audience

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Getting down with your audience means getting real with why they should listen to you in the first place. If people take the time to actually be a PART of your podcast - that sends a big message to your listenership and to potential NEW subscribers. AUDIENCE VOICES MATTER. We’ll go through a step-by-step process of how to record part if not all of your podcast with people in the room - engaging with you at the right time. Drawing from 20 years of live podcast experience, Deborah Pardes will empower you to invite people into your creative process without giving up a sense of flow and control. We’ll look at small and large examples, and give you a working knowledge with a check list of do’s and don’t. We’ll also cover how to maintain connection with your audience after you’ve wrapped each episode. You’ll never think of podcasting in the same way again. IRL breathes life into what’s already great about your work.