Turning a Home-Grown Show Into a Home-Grown Network

Panel Discussion


Indie podcasts created specifically for particular communities have the amazing ability to engage and speak with those communities about very distinct (and oftentimes personal) topics. The success of such indies opens up a new opportunity to create an entire catalogue of programming: a podcast network. So how do you take your hit indie show and expand it into a full, home-grown podcast network? In this session, Acast Director of Partnerships Tiffany Ashitey (who founded the ESSENCE Podcast Network) sits down with innovators who’ve done just that: Canadaland founder Jesse Brown and Domino Sound co-founders Kenya Denise and Alexandra di Palma. Tune in to learn about their experiences creating two networks -- a Canadian-born network elevating local stories, and a queer, Black woman-owned network creating inclusive content -- and how you can make one, too.